Making the leap?

There are times where I really wonder whether I should just give up on teaching and go into something else. Admin for instance. I’d be good at that. I have considered it countless times in the last year or so, but every time I do suggest applying for something outside of the education sector my Other Half tells me not to, as he knows how much I love teaching and that if I do get a job outside of the education sector it will be nigh on impossible to get me back in.

I currently have one interview in the pipeline. I’m still yet to hear more details, but I’m hoping I will at least have an idea of the interview format or a date by the end of this coming week. It would be super if I got this job, but I’m still trying to keep a look out for other jobs to apply for.  The May 31st resignation deadline has been and gone, so the last few jobs in the sector will be advertised within the next week. There’s a few come up, so I’ll be spending today calling them up, arranging visits and getting those applications under way.

However, I am currently looking at an advertisement for Senior Teaching Assistant at a school about 12 miles away. I’m seriously considering going for it as I’m more than qualified. It would be a secure job within the education sector where I could continue building up my experience in EYFS. I could still do tutoring outside of school hours to earn extra money. There would be no where near the amount of stress levels as there is with teaching posts. Plus, it’s a foot in the door. Word may get around and I may be offered an interview elsewhere…

Oh, I don’t know. I’m just getting fed up of the constant up-hill battle in trying to get a teaching post in the North-West and just being knocked back down time and time again. I could at this point easily turn this into a huge rant about how the previous government encouraged thousands of people to go into teaching, claiming they’re short of teachers… Which is true, in the secondary sector. But now there’s more primary teachers than there are jobs.

But that rant has been done til the cows come home. So, I’m going to go and use my energy in ringing up schools and working on applications that will make them desperate to employ me. …We can all dream, can’t we?


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