An up-hill struggle… That’s just trying to get a job!

I went to visit yet another school today. There were a couple of other potential applicants – one a Teaching Assistant who is being made redundant thanks to the school budget being cut and another an NQT who has been on supply for a year.

Whilst waiting for the Head Teacher to come and show us round, we were discussing how things will probably only get worse with the job-hunt for Teachers and Teaching Assistants in Cumbria. School rolls in Cumbria are falling rapidly, so I was flabberghasted when in a local paper it was mentioned that a new primary school may be opened in the re-development of the area in the coming years. As the TA pointed out, with so many schools potentially becoming academies and being outside of government control, who’s to say that a teacher has to cover PPA any more? Many more potential jobs of those who cover PPA and NQT time could just vanish. And with the emergency budget within the next few years and schools having to restrict their budgets even further, who knows how many more jobs will be for the chop?

As the NQT and I said, the teacher training colleges don’t tell you about the trials and tribulations of attempting to get a teaching job before you’ve forked out your current £3k a year in fees. The NQT summed it up so wonderfully in that saying it feels like you’ve won the lottery just to get an interview. Reading into that further makes me feel blooming lucky that as an outsider I’ve even had an interview at all, let alone 5 in the last six months.

I had my job interview I mentioned in my last post. I felt it was pretty horrendous. The resources I were promised for my lessons weren’t there, the interactive whiteboard didn’t work properly (surprise, surprise), but I ad-libbed and carried on regardless. I built a really good rapport with the children and they enjoyed my activities. The teacher who was observing me was sat at the back of the room and half-way through my teaching just walked out of the room! That threw me quite considerably and as I sat and waited for my interview, I truly thought my teaching had been dreadful. The interview… Well, the questions were aimed for someone who had had significant more experience than me, which again threw me for a loop and my nerves got the better of me. When the Head Teacher doesn’t ask you if you’re still a serious candidate for the job at the end of the interview, you know you’ve not got the job. About an hour later I had a phone-call confirming I’d not got the job, but gave me some wonderful feedback by saying my teaching was outstanding and providing I can not let my nerves get the better of me in future interviews I will walk straight into a job. I’m really pleased I had that good feedback, as I’d walked away from the school wondering what on earth I was doing in this profession.

However, I definitely must be doing something right. I have a job interview on Thursday for a Nursery Teacher for a year. I’m really excited about it actually. Better go and refresh my knowledge on everything EYFS!



  1. June 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    Really wish you all the best with your job hunting, it is such a difficult time 😦

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