Settling In.

Well, these first three weeks of term have zoomed by! I have to say – I love my job!!

So far…

  • I have taken two days of Paediatric First Aid training and am now a fully qualified First Aider.
  • Have set up my new classroom, build up new furniture and started observing how the children are using the space. I’m also planning out some new ideas for the Outdoor Area, after seeing how the children are using it.
  • We have welcomed 21 returning children into the nursery, all of whom have settled in well, and welcomed 9 new children into the setting.
  • Have been given the role of the Teacher Governor on the School Governing Body, and will be attending my first meeting this coming Wednesday evening.
  • Been booked on three courses so far, with the a-okay to look into and book more. Unfortunately, Forest School training is having to wait until the Spring Term, but I have been assured by the HT that she wants me to attend the training.

That’s a very brief summary of the last three weeks, but it’s mainly involved getting to know the staff better, settling into routines and getting the children settled. Lots of getting settled in for everyone!

We had 9 new starters who started last Monday; the majority of whom have settled in a treat. A couple, both of who are very young, are struggling to settle. One keeps crying for his father and comes into nursery crying, but as the week has gone on he has gradually got better and the crying is (slowly) decreasing. The other little boy has two elder Autistic siblings and his mother suspects that he also suffers from it and has asked us to keep an eye out for any symptoms. As it is still early days, I’m still observing his behaviour and mannerisms – but he is certainly having a huge impact upon the environment with his behaviour and loud wailing (quite often for no reason whatsoever!). I do wonder whether a lot of it may be him having to get used to having so much social interaction in comparison to his home life and that he is struggling to adjust. We’ll have to wait and see how they do this coming week.

For now, I’m going to go and spend some time writing up Learning Journeys and making up some bags for an activity for next week.